Romy Campe lives and works in Berlin.
2003 - 2006 studied painting and graphics at the IBKK in Bochum
2006 - 2007 masterclass with Andreas Christ
2008 - diploma in the field of painting and graphics
2006 - today Freelance artist

Member of the BBK - Professional Association of Visual Artists
Member of the Professional Association Free German Artists e.V. (VFDK)

2018 Galerie Anna25, Berlin
2017 Open Atelier by Kunstleben Berlin
2016 PRIESTS AND PRAWNS, Willner Brauerei
2016 Romy Campe by Hagen/Eichner Collectors
2016 Gallery 66, New York
2015 Skylight Gallery, New York City
2013 Forumfactory, Berlin: New York meets Berlin – reloaded
2013 ARThaus, Berlin: Lyrical Art Berlin
2013 Gallery 66, New York
2012 Gallery 66, New York
2012 Skylight Gallery, New York City
2012 KUNSTLEBEN BERLIN, Berlin: Künstler der Galerie
2012 KUNSTLEBEN BERLIN, Berlin: Black Label
2012 Skylight Gallery, New York City: under 30
2011 Skylight Gallery, New York City: gestalt – German Artists in Conversation
2011 KUNSTLEBEN BERLIN, Berlin: Romy Campe – New York
2010 aedium zeigt Bilder der Künstlerin Romy Campe, Berlin
2009 Babelsberger Kunstgalerie, Potsdam
2008 Kunst- und Galeriehaus, Bochum
2008 Kunst- und Galeriehaus, Bochum
2007 Kunst- und Galeriehaus, Bochum
2006 Schloß Mainberg, Schonungen
2005 Kunst- und Galeriehaus, Bochum
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